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The names Tuesday, taco Tuesday

It’s Tuesday. Not even Wednesday yet. And there it is, right in front of you. The massive wall you are about to hit. Do not despair! Remain calm, back away slowly from the weighted blanket and 400-episode-long Netflix series and grab your keys.

Pop in to Franks every Tuesday from 5PM-10PM for a fun, relaxed evening of tacos, drinks, and music! Our usual restaurant setup transforms into a canteen style fast food eatery, with a casual and buzzy atmosphere.




Please inform your waiter if you have any allergies we need to be aware of

VE = Vegan

V = Vegetarian

Make taco Tuesday yours

All tacos are just £3.50 and are suitable for and adored by carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Served up along with your favourite sides, beer buckets, and margaritas.

And now for the main event, the cherry on top, the Wonder Wall at the end of a 3AM sing-song. And that is.. half price margaritas. We know, we’re very good to you. But that’s because you deserve it!

Thank god it’s Taco Tuesday

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