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Pushing boundaries with innovative food at your new favourite restaurant in Leigh-on-Sea

A bit about us

So, do you come here often? We do. Well, we do work here. But we hope that you’ll soon become a regular too once you’ve been charmed by the alluring temptress that is that very first sumptuous, savoury bite of pure heavenly bliss at Franks…

*Ahem*. Anyway… Hi there! We’re Ed and Jake, the creators of Franks. We share a passion for travel, original food, and amazing service. We wanted to change the face of dining in Leigh-on-Sea by bursting onto the scene with something totally fresh and original, adding some spice to our beautiful little town.

Throughout our years of close friendship, we’ve lamented over the possibilities and the potential for somewhere truly exciting that not only offers incredible, unique flavours but is also a warm and inviting space for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, in the Summer of 2021, our dreams and countless conversations manifested into reality. It came time to hang up the sourdough and banana bread baking aprons and face the music*.

The franks vision

We’ve left our past lives behind so we could pour our hearts and souls into every aspect of Franks. From fine-tuning recipes and conceiving the menu, right down to the pedantic details of the sensory impact of music and interior design in our space, we hope that you can feel our passion and hard work throughout your entire experience at Franks.

So, that’s us. Ed and Jake. Two blokes, neither of whom are named Frank. Then why Franks, you ask? Proudly named after Ed’s late grandfather, Franks is centred around the importance of family and friends.

Great food brings people together, and it is a true joy to watch people connect and enjoy sharing dishes in our very own restaurant. As good mates ourselves, we hope that everyone who dines with us can feel like part of the crew in our close knit community.


The travel

We’ve had the privilege of travelling around the world, collecting experiences, and tasting the many different food that have inspired our inventive and progressive menu. We believe everyone should be able to excite and broaden their palate, regardless of whether you’ve had the chance to travel. So, we’ve done the work in collecting delicious and authentic flavours from around the globe and are proud to deliver them straight to your plate.

The Fusion

An eclectic mix for sure, the fusion of food, a niche style known as Nikkei, makes for an incredibly diverse culinary experience, which you won’t find anywhere else in Leigh.

The Influence

The Ingredients

We exclusively use fresh ingredients, so you can expect maximum flavour and quality with every bite. We support other small UK businesses by getting all of our seafood, meat, and vegetables delivered fresh from local sources. For our more niche ingredients, we work with suppliers, ensuring authentic flavours for you, while supporting the cultures from which we’ve drawn inspiration.

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Now that you know us a little better, why don’t you come down to Franks so we can get to know you too?